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How to collect reservation payments for your Smoobu Homepage bookings using ChargeAutomation
What does "Awaiting Approval" mean?
How to bypass cardholder authentication & charge the payment immediately?
How to send pre-check-in links to Airbnb guests
How to import existing bookings from PMS
Where to add Notes to a reservation?
What steps to take when booking is not showing up in ChargeAutomation
How to Add Auto Payments to Each OTA
Zapier <> ChargeAutomation Integration Within ChargeAutomation
How to use Door Codes from your PMS
How to Disable your Account
How to Deactivate a Property
What Customer Authentication looks like
How To Send Pre Check-In Link Using BookingAutomation Auto Action
Modify Template Messages
How To Send Pre Check-In Link Using Beds24 Auto Action
Postal Code or Zip Code for Virtual Cards from
How to Add Multiple Users/Logins
How to Accept Payments With iDEAL Through Stripe
🛡️ Chargeback protection
How ChargeAutomation Handles Reporting Invalid Credit Card to
How to connect each property to unique payment gateway account
Adding Property Key
Why is Stripe declining Virtual Cards?
Disconnecting a Property
How to Fix Payment Aborted
Why Booking has Missing Card Details
How to Add a Property on ChargeAutomation from BookingAutomation
How does ChargeAutomation work with
How to sync additional properties from BookingAutomation
Cancel a scheduled charge in ChargeAutomation
How to add a new Property
Update required: Continue to connect ChargeAutomation and Stripe
Grouping properties with Tags
Setting up your Custom Domain in ChargeAutomation
How to reset PMS
How to arrange the order of Guides
How to Add a Property on ChargeAutomation from Beds24 - Email/Link Security Settings
Managing Reservation Payments (Payments, Security Deposits, Additional Charges)