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Managing Reservation Payments (Payments, Security Deposits, Additional Charges)
Managing Reservation Payments (Payments, Security Deposits, Additional Charges)

How to Manage Payments, Additional Payments, and Security Deposits on existing reservations

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Table of Contents

Payments Created by Your Auto Payment Settings

This assumes that you have Auto Payment settings that are active and applied to the booking/reservation.

Payments created by Auto Payment settings will appear on the booking under the payment schedule, which is accessed by clicking the arrow in the middle of the reservation box.

Payments created by Auto Payments settings can be adjust, or altered, in a few ways.

Clicking the downward facing arrow in the corner of the box will open a new menu

You have the option to:

  • Charge Now = Attempt to collect the payment immediately, even if it is schedule to happen in the future.

  • Change Amount = You can reduce, but not increase, the amount of the scheduled payment

  • Mark as Paid = If payment was received in some other way e.g. a bank transfer and you want to show that the payment has been received, on the booking in ChargeAutomation, you can use this option

  • Void = This will stop the payment from occuring completely.

You can also click the pencil, to edit the date that the payment is scheduled for.

Security Deposits Created by Auto Payment Settings

This assumes that you have a security deposit applied to a booking/reservation that was created by your Auto Payment Settings

Security Deposits are also found under the Payment Schedule of the reservation, by clicking the down arrow

Like Reservation Payments/Charge you have the ability to edit/alter the Security Deposit in a few ways.

Click the down arrow in the top righthand corner of the Security Deposit box to open the menu.

You have the option to:

  • Authorize Now = Attempt to authorize the Security Deposit immediately, no matter when it is scheduled for.

  • Change Amount = You can both INCREASE and DECREASE the amount of the damage deposit

  • Void = cancel the authorization of the Security Deposit completely

Additional Charges - Including Scheduling Future Additional Charges OR Scheduling Partial Reservation Payments

You can easily add an additional charge on a Booking by following the steps below

  1. Login to your ChargeAutomation account here

  2. Go to the Bookings Page

  3. On the specific booking you want to add an additional charge, click on the Drop down icon

4. Click on the tile with the + icon

5. Enter the amount and description.

6. You can schedule the charge to occur on a specific date in the future by clicking on the Select date & time. You can also choose to attempt to collect the payment immediately by clicking Charge Now.

7. Enable Chargeback Protection by clicking on the radio button.

8. Create a payment link by clicking on Charge Now drop down.

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