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Auto Payment Settings
Auto Payment Settings

Guide on how to set up and create auto payment rules to automatically collect payments & security deposit

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Step 2: Auto payment is set per booking source.

For each booking source, you will see 4 options. See below for an explanation of each option.

Credit Card Validation (Pre-Authorization)

This is used if you want to validate a credit card right after receiving a booking. This ensures the customer card is legitimate. The customer credit card will be authorized for the amount you specify and the amount will be released after few days.

Reservation Payment

If you are collecting payment for reservation, you can specify on this section how much and when it should be auto collected. If you are not collecting reservation amount, simply leave this turned off.

Security Deposit

This section if used if you want to collect security or damage deposit sometime before start date. We recommend setting it 1-2 days before start date.

The deposit will be collected in a form of authorization (hold) and the hold typically lasts 7-30 days depending on gateways you are using and card type. If you are using stripe, We are giving all ChargeAutomation customers early access to an extended authorization window. The extended maximum holding period depends on the card type and the country the card is from:

Visa 28 days (Japan 7 days)

Mastercard 30 days

Discover 30 days
Amex 30 days

Once a booking ended, the Security deposit is automatically released 3 days after check out.

If you want to learn more about security deposit please read here.

Reservation Auto Refund

If you are collecting Reservation payment, you can also create refund rules in case of cancellation. This is optional.

You can leave it off, if you rather handle refunds manually case by case.

Step 3: Click Save once done with all the parameters for one booking source. Then select next booking source and customize as needed per channel

Apply Auto Payment Settings to Bookings

In situations where:

  • You have changed the Auto Payment settings for a booking source or,

  • Auto Payments weren't previously setup or,

  • The Auto Payment settings have not been applied to a particular booking

Simply click the Blue circle with 3 dots on the right-hand side of the booking.

and select Apply Auto Payment. The appropriate Auto Payment settings will be applied to the booking.

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