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As of March 28, 2024, has released the security update related to URL's (website links) and 'authorized email addresses' as part of their security enhancements to address phishing.

This release should help resolve issues related to:

  • Pre-check-in links not being delivered to messaging and showing as [Link Removed],

  • Payment Page links not being delivered to messaging,

  • Payment Request links not being delivered to messaging,

  • Emails from ChargeAutomation being rejected entirely

ALL USERS that have as a booking source should implement these new security features, and update the settings in their account as soon as possible.

For authorized email addresses in, in addition to any email addresses you may use to communicate with, please add the following:

For authorized URL's in (domains, website links) you should add all the following domains:

Do not add full URL's eg. the entire link you would send to a guest, just the domain - this domain is the domain for pre-check-in links (if you are not using a custom domain), payment pages, and payment links

your custom domain - all domains will need to be authorized. Your custom domain, if you are using this paid feature, can be found by clicking the logo in the top right hand corner of any page within ChargeAutomation and selection custom domain

We strongly recommend that you complete the setup of the new messaging security features as soon as possible to ensure continued delivery of messages and links, as well as resolve any delivery issues you may have been experience.

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