If you want ChargeAutomation to collect the payments for your Smoobu Homepage bookings, here are the process on how you can set your payment rules on ChargeAutomation:

  1. , On your Smoobu account and under Booking System settings, set the "Prepayment" amount into ZERO or for example 10% or any percentage or a fixed value that you want to collect initially when guest is making the booking on your Homepage site.

  2. Then on your ChargeAutomation account, go to your Auto Payments settings then set your payment arrangements for your Smoobu Homepage source according to how much you want to collect after booking and/or how much days before arrival.

    A. Collect 100% after booking using ChargeAutomation

    • If you want to collect 100% of the booking payment using ChargeAutomation, make sure you set the PREPAYMENT on Smoobu into ZERO then on your Auto payments, set the Reservation payment to 100% immediately after booking or any number of days after booking or before check in.

    B. Collect payments by schedule

    • If you want to collect a certain percentage first after booking, for example 25% after booking and the balance days before check in using ChargeAutomation, then set your PREPAYMENT on Smoobu to ZERO, then set your Auto Payments on ChargeAutomation like this image below:

    C. Collect deposit via Smoobu then the balance using ChargeAutomation

    • If you want to collect 25% via Smoobu at the time of booking, then set 25% on Smoobu Prepayment settings and set the Reservation payment on ChargeAutomation to 100% of booking (technically we will only fetch the balance of the booking from Smoobu, so setting it to 100% means collecting the total balance of the booking using ChargeAutomation).
      Then set the number of days after booking or before check in as to when you would like the balance to be collected.

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