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Why is Stripe declining Virtual Cards?
Why is Stripe declining Virtual Cards?

There can be several reasons for transactions to fail on Stripe, the reasons associated with VCs are listed below.

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Stripe may return an error saying "Your card security code is incorrect.

The most common reason behind this is having an incorrect Merchant Code on your Stripe account. 

Merchant code generally reflects the type of business that you have (supermarket, restaurant etc). In order to charge a virtual card for a reservation, your Merchant Category Code (MCC) must be the category relating to accommodation – 7011.

To fix the issue, Please contact Stripe Support  and ask them to let your MCC code to reflect 7011.

Note: Manually charging VCs can often return errors since the channels require you to charge the exact amount on the reservation. For additional charges, kindly contact the channel to know an appropriate procedure. 

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