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Disconnecting a Property
Disconnecting a Property

Understand what it means to disconnect a property in ChargeAutomation and then follow a couple of simple steps to complete the process.

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Do you need to disconnect your property in ChargeAutomation from your Property Management System?  Before you do, it’s important that you’re aware of the impact of disconnecting a property in ChargeAutomation.

In short, disconnecting a property in ChargeAutomation means that payments made for bookings at that property will not be processed in ChargeAutomation once disconnection occurs.  

Let’s unpack what that means:

Manual Payments

In order to collect payment for bookings made at the disconnected property, you will need to process these payments directly with your Payment Gateway.

ChargeAutomation currently automates this process for active properties making manual payments a thing of the past. 

ID Verification

Once a property is disconnected in ChargeAutomation, guests who have booked this property will not receive the automatic email with the link routing them to the safe and secure Pre Check-in Wizard to submit card details or to upload a form of ID for verification. As we know, it is important for property hosts to protect themselves against fraud. Once the property is disconnected, there will no longer be an automated means to collect this information. You will need to collect this information via another medium.

Security/Damage Deposits

Because guests will no longer receive the link to the Pre Check-in Wizard to update their credit card details, security deposits will need to be collected manually through your Payment Gateway.

If you are fully aware of these facts and still wish to disconnect your property, follow the simple steps below:

Disconnecting Individual Properties 

Step 1: Go to Settings > Properties to review the different properties in your portfolio.

Step 2: Once you’ve landed on the ‘Properties’ page, find the property you would like to disconnect. When you select the button under the 'PMS Connection Status' column, the status will change from Connected in Green to Disconnected in Red.

If you have completed the steps above, your property is now disconnected.

Re-connecting a Disconnected Property

If you wish to re-connect a disconnected property in ChargeAutomation, simply follow the same steps as above, and click on the button for that particular property in the PMS Connection Status section to change the status to Connected.

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