Step 1: Connect your Payment Gateway then click Continue.

Step 2: Select No PMS for Connected PMS then click Continue.

Step 3: Click on Add Booking Source and put the Booking Source Name. You can also upload a photo for each booking source. We will use "Direct" as an example for the booking source.

Step 4: Click on the edit icon and set up your payment rules then click Continue.

Step 5: You are now in Online Check-in phase. Turn ON which data or information you'd like to collect from your guest under Guest Experience. You can also add Custom Questions and Terms & Conditions. Click on Continue.

Step 6: Click Add Property and fill up the property details then click Save.

Step 7: Click on Finish on Activate Properties phase. You can now add your bookings. Click Add New Booking then put the booking details. Don't forget to Save it.

Note: Payment Rules created under Auto Payments will be applied to the new booking/s.

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