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No PMS <> ChargeAutomation Integration
No PMS <> ChargeAutomation Integration

Step by step instructions on how to connect ChargeAutomation with No PMS

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You can still use your Charge Automation account without even you don't have any PMS connected to your account. To get started, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Connect your Payment Gateway then click Continue.

Step 2: Select No PMS for Connected PMS then click Continue.

Once this done, you can now add the booking sources where your listings are.

Step 3: Click on Add Booking Source and put the Booking Source Name. You can also upload a photo for each booking source. You can add expedia,,, or direct if you have your own website, etc.

Add the name of of the OTA and upload the logo then click on save.

a) After you've added the OTA on this step, now you're good to set up your Auto Payments rules. You can choose which transactions to automate, but Security Deposits and Reservation Payments are very popular here at Charge Automation.

Click on the edit icon and set up your payment rules then click Continue.

b) To set up your Auto Payment Rule, please follow this article here.

Step 4: You are now in Online Check-in phase. Turn ON which data or information you'd like to collect from your guest under Guest Experience.

a) You can also add Custom Questions and Terms & Conditions. Click on Continue.

b) Lastly in Guest Experience, you can add your Terms and Conditions here.

Step 6: Click Add Property and fill up the property details then click Save.

Step 7: Now you are almost done! You can now add your bookings.

a) Go to the bookings page > click Add New Booking then put the booking details. Don't forget to Save it.

b) You can see the flow of creating a booking below 👇

You're all set!

Important Note: You can also use Zapier or API as your PMS.

To use Zapier as you PMS

To use API as your PMS

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