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Zapier <> ChargeAutomation Integration
Zapier <> ChargeAutomation Integration
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Connect your Zap with ChargeAutomation.

Step 1 - Log in to

Step 2 - In the top right corner click the “Settings” drop-down and select “Applications >> Zapier”

Step 3 - On the Zapier page at the ChargeAutomation click the "Generate Key" button to generate an API Key.

Step 4 - After generating the "Zapier API Key" copy the key and use it when creating your Zape.

Step 5 -Create a Zap for integration with ChargeAutomation.

What’s a Zap?

A zap is an integration, or a workflow, created using Zapier between two or more applications that automates a series of actions (tasks or functions) based on conditions known as triggers. Zaps can be set up in minutes with no coding, and they can automate your day-to-day tasks by building workflows between apps .

1- Login to your zapier Account and Click the "Create Zap" Button. it will redirect to you in

"Trigger and Action" page.

2- In the "Trigger" Section you have to search/select your trigger app. For example if your

trigger app is "Guesty" select the "Guesty" same as image below.

After you've chosen your Trigger app, you can choose your "Event". then Click the "Continue" button

3- Select your "Trigger app Account" in the Chose account section then Click the "Continue" button .

4- Select your "Event Type"" in the "Set up trigger" section which you want to perform

for example select New Reservation event type if you want to create a new reservation

and Updated Reservation event type if you want to update on ChargeAutomation.

5- In the "Test Trigger section, click the "Test trigger" button. Zapier will find a Reservation

from your Trigger app and display it to you as a test same as image below .

6- You must select "ChargeAutomation" in the Action section.

7- Select the same event that you selected in the trigger section then click the "Continue"


8- In the Action "Choose account" section click the Sign In button to connect with

ChargeAutomation. It will redirect to you Allow Zapier Page.

9- On "Allow Zapier" Page You must enter the API Key that you have generated on

ChargeAutomation then click the "Yes Continue" button.

10- In the Section "Set up action" You have to Map the required Fields.

11- After mapping the fields Click the "To continue, Finished required fields" button .

Now your Zap have been created successfully and also connected with ChargeAutomation.

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