To dynamically show the access code in the guidebook based on when certain conditions are met

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Access codes can be stored in 3 places within ChargeAutomation, depending on your operation

  1. Per booking access code

  2. Per property access code

  3. Per rental access code (if you have more than 1 rental per property)

Per Booking Access Code

If you have unique access code per booking, you can use the dynamic variable {booking_access_code} in your guide to automatically populate this field in the guest portal.

If you are using smart lock in your PMS to generate this code, ChargeAutomation will automatically pulls this code from your PMS and insert it into the Access Code field of the booking

Per Property Access Code

If your access is per property, you can add this code by going to Setting > Properties as shown below. You can then use the dynamic variable {property_access_code} in your guide.

Conditions to Show Code

You can select the conditions that has to be met for the guide with the code is displayed based

How It Appears To Your Guest in Guidebook

If the conditions are not met yet, this is how it will appear to the guest when they click on it.

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