We can now fetch access or door codes from your PMS into your ChargeAutomation account.

ChargeAutomation will pull the access code information from the right field on your PMS and it will then be mapped to the right field in ChargeAutomation.

Access code can be:

Per Property access code: {access_code} - This variable is used when you are using one access/door code for all bookings of a single property you own.

Per Rental Access code (if multi unit building): {rental_access_code} - This variable is used if you have different access/door code for each room/rental you have under one property.

Per Booking Access code : {booking_access_code} - This variable is to be used when your access/door code is different for every booking you have for your listing or property.

You should use the right variable for your Guidebooks, based on what type of access code you have set up on your PMS.

Example shown here on this guidebook is for "Per Booking Access Code"

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