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How Guest Portal / Guidebook works
How Guest Portal / Guidebook works

Everything you need to know about Guest Portal

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From the Guest Portal customers can

  • easily check themselves in and out

  • track and manage their bookings

  • Read guides & access information

  • Make secure payments via your payment gateway

  • Purchase your upsell & ad-on services

  • Chat with you

  • Book again

Guest Portal Features

  • Personalized & Branded Guest Portal

  • Digital smart guidebook

  • Access code

  • Video, images, PDF's & Maps support

  • Multi-language

  • Auto-translation

  • Book again link

  • Web-app (no download!)

  • View Payment history

  • Add/edit payment method

  • Purchase Add-on services (Upsells)

  • Customizable by property & booking source

  • Accessible pre-arrival & post arrival

  • Download entire portal as PDF

  • Host contact info

Our modern, contactless customer portal focuses on functionality that matters, putting a personal kiosk in the palm of your guest’s hand without the need to invest in bulky and expensive technology.

Understand How Guest Portal works

Every reservation has a unique personalized customer portal as shown above

The same pre-arrival link of a reservation becomes the guest portal once online check-in is completed.

Guest cannot get to the guest portal if pre check-in is incomplete.

If there are no pre check-in requirements, then pre check-in link automatically becomes the guest portal

How Does Guest Receive Their Guest Portal Link

Option 1:

You can choose to have this link sent immediately after the reservation is received or select a time that is relative to check-in day. By default immediately after booking

Option 2:

You can manually send/re-send it in the bookings page as shown below

Option 3:

If you would rather send the link through your PMS messaging system, you can also send the link through your system. Each reservations unique link can be generated using the following template URL

**You need to change the placeholders or variables [BookingID] and [FirstName] with your PMS-provided template variables.

Replace the square bracket by the dynamic variable of your PMS

How To Create Guide

You can create as many guides/sections as you want. To do that click on Settings > Guidebook

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