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Online Check-in Link
Online Check-in Link

Include online check-in link in your messaging or kiosk

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Send a pre-check-in link from your PMS

Generate a pre-check-in link through your PMS and you can use that to send within emails, auto actions etc. For each reservation, the unique link can be generated using the following template URL:

**You need to change the placeholders or variables [BookingID] and [FirstName] with your PMS-provided template variables.

Self Check-In Kiosk


Open the following URL to Self check-in i.e. Kiosk for your Guests to complete it.


The Guest would fill up the details to find his reservation.


  • First Name: Enter First name same as booking detail.

  • Confirmation/Booking ID: Enter one of these - Booking confirmation code, Booking ID or External id from OTA.


When all fields have been filled out correctly, click the “Find My Reservation" button.


System redirects the Guest to Pre Check-In page. Click on “Get Started” button to complete the pre check-in.

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