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How ChargeAutomation Handles Reporting Invalid Credit Card to
How ChargeAutomation Handles Reporting Invalid Credit Card to

The below details explain how ChargeAutomation handles reporting invalid credit cards & cancellations to

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When a booking is received via, ChargeAutomation will attempt to charge or pre-authorize the guest's credit card (based on your policy). Let's assume your policy is set to charge 100% of the reservation amount immediately after booking.  

When payment fails:

  1. ChargeAutomation instantly marks credit card invalid on

  2. Guest receives Reservation Payment Failed email to update credit card details.

  3. If payment is not received within 24-hours (or 2 hours for last minute booking), host receives Payment Overdue email to cancel the booking with no commission.

  4. Booking color, status and flag can be changed for failed payments on Preferences Settings.

Important Rules ChargeAutomation follows:

Guests are given 24 hours to provide new credit card details once the card is marked as invalid. 

Guests will receive an email with a link to add a valid credit card.

If the guest provides new credit card details within 24 hours but you are still unable to collect payment, guests will continue to receive an email with a link until a valid card is provided.

For bookings made within 48 hours of check-in:

If the card is invalid, the customer will get 12 hours (or until 3 pm, whichever is earlier) to update credit card details (instead of the usual 24 hours). 

The guest is always given at least 2 hours to update credit card details, i.e. if the booking is made after 2 pm on the day of arrival.


A reservation can be canceled if:

The reservation has been marked as Invalid Credit Card AND the time has expired because the guest has not provided new credit card details. Hosts will receive a cancellation email with a link to cancel the booking. This will automatically cancel the reservation in and your PMS/Channel manager commission-free.

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