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Beds24 API <> ChargeAutomation Integration
Beds24 API <> ChargeAutomation Integration
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STEP 1: Log in to Beds24 and go to Settings > Account > Account Access

STEP 2: Scroll down to API Key 1 section of the page and Create your own unique API Key.

API Key - exampleapikey12345 (This is at least 16-character unique key and whats given here is an example only) .

API Key Access - Set this to "allow whitelist IP only".

IP Whitelist -

Allow Writes - Set this to "Yes".

Property Access - Set this to "Owned or linked to this account".

Then click Save.

STEP 3: Go to Settings > Properties > Access. Each property requires a unique propKey. Please create a new key for every property you have.

Set 'Body Data' = CVC and Token.

Then click Save.

STEP 4: "Save all cards to Stripe" set to "No"

STEP 5: Copy the Account API key from Step 2 and paste it in ChargeAutomation setup page.

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