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eRentalLock <> ChargeAutomation Integration
eRentalLock <> ChargeAutomation Integration
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We are happy to announce that ChargeAutomation is integrated with eRentalLock!

ChargeAutomation is a FREE online check-in tool used to collect Guest ID, selfie, documents, custom questions, e-signature & display personalized guidebooks.

Another powerful feature of ChargeAutomation is the ability to collect security deposit, reservation payment and Upsell during pre-check-in.

Create single & streamlined flow to collect

✅ Pre-arrival info (ID, Selfie, E-signature, T&C...etc)
✅ Payment (Deposit, Balance, Cancel Fee)
✅ Pre-Authorize (damage deposit hold)
✅ Upsell (Upgrades, Services, Tours ...etc)
✅ Guest Portal (Guidebook, Upsell, Chat)

Why use ChargeAutomation with eRentalLock?

  • You can automate payment collection from your guests for reservations, deposits, taxes, cleaning fees etc.

  • You can also do credit card validation

  • You can automate refunds to guests according to your cancellations and refund policy.

  • You can upsell guests during online check-in, for example meals, extra guests fees, extra beds, early check ins, insurance, activities, etc.

  • Create payment links to collect money & share via email, whatsapp, sms or chat

Setting up ChargeAutomation with eRentalLock

  1. Login to your eRentalLock acount

  2. Go to the Lock Management page and find your lock ID(s)

  3. Login to your ChargeAutomation account here

  4. Select eRentalLock

  5. Select your Property from the Drop down list and enter your eRentalLock user ID and password.

  6. Enter the unique Lock ID for each unit from eRentalLock. See sample below. Click on Save and repeat above steps for your other properties.

Important Notes:

1) By default, ChargeAutomation generates the access Code 5 days before Checkin. If the Booking is created within 5 days of Checkin, then ChargeAutomation will generate the access code immediately

2) The access codes will only be generated for new Bookings

We have 24/7 support. Please be sure to use the chat and someone will attend to your question.

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