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Guesty <> ChargeAutomation Integration Set up
Guesty <> ChargeAutomation Integration Set up

Connect your Guesty account with ChargeAutomation

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A: Login to your Guesty account and in the top menu, Click Integrations >> OAuth Applications.

B: Click New Application.

C: Register a new application and enter Application Name: ChargeAutomation and Application Description: ChargeAutomation in these fields.

D: Click Generate new secrets.

E: In the pop-up, Enter your Guesty Password to confirm the action.

F: Copy the Client ID and Client Secret for future use. Your Client Secret is only visible the first time you access it. After that, Guesty redacts it for your security.

G: Paste copied Client ID and Client Secret in PMS Connection page in ChargeAutomation for successful integration.

H: Click the "Continue" button once Client ID and Client Secret field have been filled out correctly.

How to send a pre-check-in link from Guesty

Each reservation's unique pre check in link can be generated using the following template URL. Copy the template URL below and paste it to your messaging sent through your account.


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