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How ChargeAutomation Works
How ChargeAutomation Works
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ChargeAutomation has several solutions based on your business needs. The solutions are grouped into:

Online Check-in Solution

Create single & streamlined workflow to collect:

  • Pre-arrival info (ID, Selfie, E-signature, T&C...etc)

  • Reservation Payment (Split payments, Cancellation Fee, Auto Refund)

  • Security Deposit Pre-Authorization

  • Offer Upsell ( Offers upgades, Services, Products ...etc)

  • Guest Portal (Guidebook, Upsell, Chat)

Customer Journey

See below an example of a customer journey. You can turn on/off every part of the journey or customize it based on booking source & property so each guest only see what is applicable to them.

When new reservation is made, customer Receives Link Via Email/SMS to complete pre-check-in. The link brings customer to this web page (no download required)

If Reservation payment or security deposit collection is enabled for the booking source, customer can view payment schedule and add/change payment method.

Email, phone number & guest numbers are automatically pre-filled for easy experience. If masked email is detected, system strips it out & will ask customer to put their real email address.

You can create custom questions to collect necessary information. These questions can be segmented based on proprety & booking source.

You can collect customer ID. You can further customize this option based on booking source & property.

You can collect customer Selfi. You can further customize this option based on booking source & property.

You can create 2 types of Upsells: Mandatory or Optional. They can both be customized based on booking source & property.

You can make optional upsells to be purchased instantly or by request. If by request, you can accept/decline anytime.

You can collect E-signature, acceptance of your terms & conditions. These agreement can be downloaded anytime in case of any dispute.

Guest Portal

Once Online check-in is completed, customer is granted access to their personalized Portal. customer can access instructions, guides, WiFi, access code, purchase available upsells and chat.

Any of the above data can be restricted until certain conditions are met.

Customer Journey Initial Setup

1. Connect to your Payment Gateway (i.e. Stripe). This is optional unless you plan to collect payment, security deposit or upsell

2. Connect to your Property Management System (PMS) or select 'No PMS' use it as a standalone

3. Set Auto Payment Colletion Rules by booking source

4. Customize your Online check-in form based on what information you would like to collect (Photo ID, contact info, e-signature, rental contract, terms & conditions....etc). These forms can be customized based on booking source & property.

5. Activate your properties.

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