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ChargeAutomation Open API Connection
ChargeAutomation Open API Connection
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ChargeAutomation is a FREE online check-in tool used to collect Guest ID, selfie, documents, custom questions, e-signature & display personalized guidebooks.

Another powerful feature of ChargeAutomation is the ability to collect security deposit, reservation payment and Upsell during pre-check-in.

Create single & streamlined flow to collect

✅ Pre-arrival info (ID, Selfie, E-signature, T&C...etc)
✅ Payment (Deposit, Balance, Cancel Fee)
✅ Pre-Authorize (damage deposit hold)
✅ Upsell (Upgrades, Services, Tours ...etc)
✅ Guest Portal (Guidebook, Upsell, Chat)

ChargeAutomation has an open api that allows you to integrate with us.

Actions that can be performed through our API:

  • Properties: Create, get, update and delete

  • Bookings: Create, get and update

  • Booking Sources: Create, get, update and delete

Check out our Open API Documentation here:

Setting up ChargeAutomation through API

  1. Login to your ChargeAutomation account here

  2. On Account Set up Step 1. Payment Gateway, connect your payment gateway (for example Stripe, etc) then click continue.

  3. On PMS step, choose API Connection from the PMS list

4. Copy and Paste your API Key to use when sending requests to ChargeAutomation

Continue Steps below within ChargeAutomation

  1. Now you can continue and customize your guest experience & payment rules per Booking Channel & per Property. Last step is to activate your properties and you're done.

  2. The rules will apply to new reservations after you go live. You can also manually share the same rules to existing reservations if you choose to.

We have 24/7 support. Please be sure to use the chat and someone will attend to your question.

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