ChargeAutomation automates tasks that most property hosts spend hours completing manually.  Hosts will find value in our guest management, automated payment processing and payment verification features, to name a few.  

Let's explore these features a little closer.

Guest Management 

Once a guest has booked your property, they will receive an email from ChargeAutomation confirming their reservation with an encrypted link to the Pre Check-in Wizard.  This link invites guests to provide additional details pertaining to their booking such as number of guests and arrival time.  If the Security/Damage Deposit feature is enabled, your guest will be directed to enter their credit card details via the link.  If the Collect Passport/ID feature is enabled, this link will guide your guest to easily upload an image of their valid ID.  

Customize your Online Check-in settings to get the most out of ChargeAutomation's guest management features. Guests will appreciate the security and reliability of the system, and the ease with which they can receive updates and information regarding their booking.

Guest Payments

Need to process a credit card payment on behalf of a guest?  With ChargeAutomation, this process is entirely automated.  Once your guest updates the Pre Check-in Wizard with their credit card details, payment for add-ons such as parking or early check-in requests can be processed simply.  ChargeAutomation will automatically validate credit cards and can take payment for all booking source such as, Expedia, Agoda, cTrip, Homeaway/VRBO and direct guests via your payment gateway.

Protect your property from damage and quickly pay for repairs

The Security/Damage Deposit feature is an effective way to deter your guest from causing damage to your property.  Should damage occur, use this feature for the fastest way to collect funds to pay for repairs before your next guest arrives - it's hassle-free. Simply access the booking in ChargeAutomation and when you select Security Deposit, choose the capture option and indicate the amount you will charge from the authorized security deposit amount.  

Automated Card Verification

ChargeAutomation automatically verifies that your guest's credit card is valid. If the card is not valid or has insufficient funds, ChargeAutomation will automatically mark the card as invalid on  An automatic email update from ChargeAutomation will be sent to the guest requesting updated credit card details. As the property manager, you will receive a similar notification so that you are aware of the issue.

Connects to Multiple Payment Gateways

Connect ChargeAutomation to your existing (or new) Stripe account. You can have multiple Stripe accounts and can connect one Stripe account per listing if you need to!

Email updates and comprehensive reports

ChargeAutomation allows you to track your bookings and revenue through email. Download detailed reports of all bookings and charges processed through ChargeAutomation.

Resolve disputes before they happen

Unpaid bookings clogging up your calendar? ChargeAutomation detects when guest payments have failed and sends your guest an automated email alerting them of the issue to resolve the problem as soon as possible.  ChargeAutomation will also notify the property manager of these failed attempts so that you can use your discretion to determine how to handle the unpaid booking.  This automation allows you to stay ahead of issues regarding unpaid bookings before the check-in date, which will enable you to clear your calendar of bad bookings to make way for paid bookings. 

Reach out to our support team if you have any questions about ChargeAutomation. You can send us an email at [email protected]. We are eager to connect with you to explain how this tool will optimize your business.

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