We are happy to announce that ChargeAutomation is integrated with Hostaway.

ChargeAutomation is a FREE online check-in tool used to collect Guest ID, selfie, document, custom questions, e-signature & guidebook.

Another powerful feature of ChargeAutomation is the ability to collect security deposit, reservation payment and Upsell during pre-check-in.

Create single & streamlined flow to collect

✅ Pre-arrival info (ID, Selfie, E-signature, T&C...etc)
✅ Payment (Deposit, Balance, Cancel Fee)
✅ Pre-Authorize (damage deposit hold)
✅ Upsell (Upgades, Services, Tours ...etc)
✅ Guest Portal (Guidebook, Upsell, Chat)

When you connect Hostaway and ChargeAutomation accounts, booking data will sync automatically, you can then send online check-in link to your guests.

Why use ChargeAutomation with Hostaway?

  • Online check-in, guidebook and chargeback protection is completely free

  • You can automate payment collection from your guests for reservations, deposits, taxes, cleaning fees etc.

  • You can pre-authorize security deposit

  • You can also do credit card validation

  • You can automate refunds to guests according to your cancellations and refund policy.

  • You can upsell guests during online check-in, for example meals, extra guests fees, extra beds, early check ins, insurance, activities, etc.

  • Create payment links to collect money & share via email, whatsapp, sms or chat

How much does ChargeAutomation cost?

Our standard price for Charge/Authorize is 0.15% of transaction amount (e.g. 15 cents on a $100) + $0.25 cents gateway fee. We bill you at the end of the month based on usage. There is no term or minimum commitment, just pay as you go.

Setting up your ChargeAutomation with Hostaway

  1. Login to your ChargeAutomation account here chargeautomation.com

  2. Connect your payment gateway (for example Stripe, etc) and choose if you want to turn on "Chargeback Protection" feature then click continue.

  3. On PMS step, choose Hostaway from the PMS list.

  4. Enter your Hostaway Client ID and Client Secret Key

  5. You can get your Client Account ID and Secret Key from your Hostaway account. Go to Hostaway dashboard > Settings > Hostaway API.

  6. Click on Create > Give it a name

  7. You will get your Client Account ID and API key. Homeaway will only show it ONCE. Save it for future references.

  8. Once you have entered your Hostaway Client ID and Client Secret key. Click "Continue".

9. Now you can continue and customize your guest experience & payment rules per Booking Channel & per Property. Last step is to activate your properties and you're done.

10. The rules will apply to new reservations after you go live. You can also manually share the same rules to existing reservations if you choose to.

Data Sync
When you connect Hostaway and ChargeAutomation, booking data will sync automatically.

Below are list of data that sync automatically

New Booking Received

Pre Check-in Completed

Upsell Purchased

Payment Successful

Payment Failed


Security Deposit Authorization Success

Security Deposit Authorization Fail

Change In Reservation Dates

Change In Reservation Amount

Booking Cancelled

Document Uploaded by Guest

Map Guest answers to any Hostaway Field

We have 24/7 support. Please be sure to use the chat and someone will attend to your question.

If you rather speak to someone, click here to schedule a zoom call.

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