March 20, 2021

Use WiFi & Access code dynamic variable for Guidebook

No need to create 10 Guides for 10 different properties.

Simply create one guide and use dynamic variables to pull information such as Wifi, Access Code from property or booking specific field.. Read More

Security deposit will be auto released 3 days after checkout

You have until 3 days after checkout to capture security deposit authorization.

SMS notification to guest now available

Increase online check-in completion rate by sending pre-check-in link via SMS & Email.

Send pre-check-in link from your PMS

Send pre check-in link through your PMS messaging system. Each reservation's unique link can be generated using the following template URL:

> Replace the text in bold by your PMS' dynamic variable

Self check-in Kiosk

Let your guests check-in using kiosk, tablet or via web. Simply share the following link

Open API

Would you like to connect your application with ChargeAutomation to automatically create, edit or get booking details, you can now do more

More Integration

We are pleased to announce our latest PMS integration partners, Hostaway, Hosthub, OTAsync

Upcoming Features

  • Collect details of all guests (not just main guest)

  • Send all communication email in your guest's preferred language

  • Doorlock Integration

  • Biometric Guest Verification

Dec 9, 2021

  • Add "Per Item" option in creating Upsells.

  • Allow user to filter Cancelled Bookings.

  • On Profile Update page, provide user an option to choose which branding customer will see: Company Name or Property Name.

Nov 15, 2021

  • Option to change the order of Upsell items and Guides.

  • The Settings menu is itemized.

  • Replaced 'Cancellation Policy' to 'Auto Refund' in Auto Payments.

  • Send auto email to guest after completing the pre check-in with a link to access Guest Portal.

  • Allow user to "Import Bookings" for individual properties or Import Existing Bookings for all activated properties.

Sept 29, 2021

  • Upsell count is shown for upsells that require your approval.

  • Added the following portals/booking source on Auto Payments for Smoobu users:

    Tui Villas / e-domizil / atravero
    Trip.Com / C-Trip

  • Added approval option for Upsell purchase.

  • When making 'Additional Charge', user can now select from Payment Methods and/or create a new one.

  • Pre Check-in Email can be customized to be sent days before and after booking.

  • Added 'Price' and 'Active Properties' columns to Manage Upsells page.

  • Added Upsell template variables to PMS Modification - [upsellOrdersTotal], [upsellOrdersName] and [upsellItems]

  • Added Refund option for Upsell orders.

  • Allow user to create a fixed/permanent payment link page. The same link can be re-used collect payment or authorization. You can find more information here. Please note that this feature is still on beta testing.

  • Display Guide/s when certain conditions are met.

Aug 27, 2021

  • Easily share pre-check-in link via Whatsapp, email, SMS, messenger chat

  • Offer upsell that require your approval. Accept or decline upsell purchase request based on your availability.

  • Add a "file upload" question in pre-check-in

  • Accept or reject submitted documents

  • Auto-detect masked email from airbnb & and ask guest to enter their real email address during pre-check-in.โ€‹

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