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Our latest News & Feature updates
Our latest News & Feature updates
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June 5, 2024

Notify Guests when Access Code is Visible

Hosts can now automatically notify guests of the access code and/or other information about their stay when specific conditions are met (e.g., security deposit authorized, payment completed, documents approved).

Add More Dynamic Fields to the Property Guidebook

Instead of making separate guidebooks for each property, use dynamic fields for various items to automatically generate customized guidebooks, saving time and ensuring consistency.

Filter your Report on Key Guest Details

Access a report of all your upcoming guests. Use filters to easily view only those guests who have completed pre check-in, reservation payment & security deposit status, opted for early check-in, or made additional purchases.

New Integrations

Discover our newest integrations with other tools and platforms to expand the

capabilities of ChargeAutomation's software:

May 7, 2024

  • Added helper video for Auto Payment set up.

  • Clients now have the ability to delete documents for main guest and also additional guests.

  • Clients now have the ability to send an email to their guests X amount of time before check-in, reminding guests about their guest portal.

  • Hosts can now send “Access Instructions now available” notifications to their guests based on multiple conditions that are optional i.e. security deposit is authorized, reservation payment is fully paid and documents are approved.

  • We have updated the functionality for clients to copy auto payment settings from one property to multiple properties.

  • We also refined the search to include the Property external name (i.e. property nickname), property external ID (property PMS ID)

  • Once a team member is deactivated, we are now removing the team member's email from notifications.

  • Once a team member is deactivated, the team member is immediately logged out and denied access.

  • Additional guest pre-checkin links are now completely white labelled.

March 11, 2024

  • Hosts now have the ability to delete documents in any status.

  • Updated calendar design to be more user friendly for hosts and guests.

  • You can now watch a helper video on the benefits of using ChargeAutomation’s Auto Payment feature.

February 1, 2024

  • Added more Property Text fields to use as dynamic variables in your guidebooks.

  • Additional upsell templates: BBQ Grill and Heated Pool.

  • Hosts now have the ability to void a cancellation charge or mark it as paid.

  • Team members now have the ability to mark notifications as read.

  • Clients using Moneris Payment Gateway can now process partial refunds through ChargeAutomation.

  • Stripe: Includes phone numbers and emails when clients add their payment methods to ChargeAutomation. This will increase success rates for 3DS transactions.

  • When Auto Payment is manually applied to a booking, the user who applied it and time will be displayed in the Activity logs.

  • Bookings created through API can now be moved from cancelled to confirmed.

  • Added 6000 messages / month SMS plan.


  • Paypal Business

  • Track PMS

December 27, 2023

  • Added new template variables to our Template Messages: Booking_Confirmation_Code, Number_Of_Nights, Security_Deposit_Amount, Standard_Checkin_Time, Standard_Checkout_Time

  • Addition of damage waiver upsell template.

  • Added an alert to notify Hosts to turn off auto payment settings on their Property Management System while setting their auto payment rules in ChargeAutomation.

  • If guest’s address is not on Google maps, they can manually enter it during pre checkin.

  • ChargeAutomation will trigger emails to guests when auto payment is manually applied to a booking based on email schedule.

  • When a new team member is added, we will add their emails to the notifications so they do not miss important updates.

  • Hosts can now pay their invoices using Link payment method on Stripe.

  • For upsells, Hosts can set the Price per night to 0 when they select based on number of nights. Based on this setting, guests will be able to purchase the upsell if it's more than X number of nights

  • Pulling Booking access codes from Smoobu.

  • Whenever a booking is a virtual card booking, and the reservation charges are split into 2 (i.e. Smart Flex), we will attempt both transactions with the virtual card.

  • Greatly optimized load time of our application for both Hosts and clients

October 27, 2023

  • User can now add links to Property Text 1 and Property Text 2 and it will work with the guidebook as a hyperlink

  • NEW INTEGRATIONS - E Rental Lock system.

  • OwnerRez: Pushing back ChargeAutomation Pre checkin link

  • Bookings will now be cancelled on ChargeAutomation if they are cancelled on your PMS regardless of the Property status

  • Your guests now have the ability to read your terms and conditions/ rental agreement even before signing

  • ChargeAutomation's checkin form and dynamic links placed on your PMS now work with both first name and full name

September 21, 2023

  • Give users with no PMS connection ability to change subscription plans.

  • Ability to Mark Additional Charges on a Booking as Paid.

  • Added new translations on Guest Portal.

NEW Payment Gateway Integrations: Shift4, Rapyd, Worldline

NEW PMS Integrations: Lodgify, Octorate, Guesty Partner API

August 28, 2023

  • User can now search Bookings by confirmation code. This is very important especially for Guesty clients who primarily use Confirmation Code on Guesty to search for bookings.

  • Upsells Updates

    • Added additional features in “When Can Guest Purchase This"

    • Added Pricing Model “Based on Booking Amount

  • Showing security deposit capture reason in description of activity log

  • We are now showing accurate message from Stripe to clients instead of generic messages

  • Authorization email delay for 5 mins before sending. We also check if the auth email is still valid before sending.

  • Activity Logs.

    • Activity log now includes details of manual refunds, showcasing the user responsible for the refund

    • Details about manually created bookings now included in the logs and the user who created it

    • Manually authorized security deposit and credit card Authorization with person who carried out the action added to logs

June 14, 2023

  • Payment Method Required and Security Deposit Required email notifications are now configurable. To do so go to Settings >> Preferences >> Template Messages.

  • In Admin-View Only Mode, fields are no longer editable which will prevent confusion.

  • Ability to do mass delete and single deletion of Upsells and Guidebooks.

  • Ability to do mass activation and deactivation, approval and decline of Upsells.

  • Terms and Conditions download included in Essential and Pro Plan.

  • We are now re-syncing reservation amount on Bookings even if their status is not enabled, OTA Collect or Bank Transfer.

  • Added Confirmation Code, Additional Guest details to Booking Export files.

  • We are now showing date and time a cancellation occurs from the PMS.

  • We have greatly increased load times of our Pre checkin and Guest Portal pages.

  • Clients who are using Stripe on Essential and Pro plans will be able to see standard fraud check data these include: CVC Check, Zip check, Issuer, origin, etc.

    PMS Specific

PMS Name



  1. CA now supports Webhooks from Hostify. Hostify sends us webhooks on a few items like new reservations, updates to reservations (e.g. guest count, arrival time).


  1. Lat and Long Issue was fixed for Properties.

  2. We now identify if a booking is Bank Transfer or VCC


  1. We are now displaying reservation charges in Guest Portal as long as its collected by CA.



  1. CA now pulls smart access codes. These include JERVIS, LOCKSTATE, CHEKIN, NUKI


  1. We are now ignoring the Guest Paid field as that field represents what needs to be paid as compared to what is already paid. Clients won’t have an issue anymore where CA is assuming guests have paid reservation charges.


  1. CA is now picking up the correct Reservation amount from Hostfully. Previously it was picking up both reservation amount and security deposit amount.


  1. Reservation date changes on Guesty are now reflected perfectly in CA. This includes changing the payment schedules based on the new dates from Guesty.

Dec 9, 2021

  • Add "Per Item" option in creating Upsells.

  • Allow user to filter Cancelled Bookings.

  • On Profile Update page, provide user an option to choose which branding customer will see: Company Name or Property Name.

Nov 15, 2021

  • Option to change the order of Upsell items and Guides.

  • The Settings menu is itemized.

  • Replaced 'Cancellation Policy' to 'Auto Refund' in Auto Payments.

  • Send auto email to guest after completing the pre check-in with a link to access Guest Portal.

  • Allow user to "Import Bookings" for individual properties or Import Existing Bookings for all activated properties.

Sept 29, 2021

  • Upsell count is shown for upsells that require your approval.

  • Added the following portals/booking source on Auto Payments for Smoobu users:

    Tui Villas / e-domizil / atravero
    Trip.Com / C-Trip

  • Added approval option for Upsell purchase.

  • When making 'Additional Charge', user can now select from Payment Methods and/or create a new one.

  • Pre Check-in Email can be customized to be sent days before and after booking.

  • Added 'Price' and 'Active Properties' columns to Manage Upsells page.

  • Added Upsell template variables to PMS Modification - [upsellOrdersTotal], [upsellOrdersName] and [upsellItems]

  • Added Refund option for Upsell orders.

  • Allow user to create a fixed/permanent payment link page. The same link can be re-used collect payment or authorization. You can find more information here. Please note that this feature is still on beta testing.

  • Display Guide/s when certain conditions are met.

Aug 27, 2021

  • Easily share pre-check-in link via Whatsapp, email, SMS, messenger chat

  • Offer upsell that require your approval. Accept or decline upsell purchase request based on your availability.

  • Add a "file upload" question in pre-check-in

  • Accept or reject submitted documents

  • Auto-detect masked email from airbnb & and ask guest to enter their real email address during pre-check-in.

March 20, 2021

Use WiFi & Access code dynamic variable for Guidebook

No need to create 10 Guides for 10 different properties.

Simply create one guide and use dynamic variables to pull information such as Wifi, Access Code from property or booking specific field.. Read More

Security deposit will be auto released 3 days after checkout

You have until 3 days after checkout to capture security deposit authorization.

SMS notification to guest now available

Increase online check-in completion rate by sending pre-check-in link via SMS & Email.

Send pre-check-in link from your PMS

Send pre check-in link through your PMS messaging system. Each reservation's unique link can be generated using the following template URL:

> Replace the text in bold by your PMS' dynamic variable

Self check-in Kiosk

Let your guests check-in using kiosk, tablet or via web. Simply share the following link

Open API

Would you like to connect your application with ChargeAutomation to automatically create, edit or get booking details, you can now do more

More Integrations:

We are pleased to announce our latest PMS integration partners, Hostaway, Hosthub, OTAsync (via API Connection).

Upcoming Features

  • Collect details of all guests (not just main guest)

  • Send all communication email in your guest's preferred language

  • Doorlock Integration

  • Biometric Guest Verification

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