In this section  you can view all the past and future reservations listed in your company.

Payment status:

Paid: Amount is paid

Scheduled:  The payment will be charged according to your payment scheduled set up in : Settings> Account set up>Payment rules>Payment Schedule

Declined: The Card payment was not successful 

Card Missing: Card details are not updated

Security Deposit

If you have schedule a security deposit : Settings> Account Set up> Payment Rules> Security/Damage Deposit, it will appear on the main dashboard and whether the security deposit is Paid or Scheduled.


This is the total nightly amount Charge Automation will charge as per the payment schedule set up : Settings> Account Set up> Payment Rules> Payment Schedule

ID,Guest,Check in/Check out

The booking ID , guest names,check in, check out details will be listed here

More Details Section

Click on “go to detail” section to view more details

The summary of the “more details” section, 

1. Booking details-Name,Email, Phone Number & Arrival time

2. Enhance guest experience with online check-in, flight details, etc

3. Payment status and collect credit card scan

4. Up sell Items

5. Collect documents from the guest: Eg: ID/Passport, Selfie profile

6. Direct chat & SMS with guest 

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