Go to Upsell menu to Manage & Create Upsell, View Orders and Requests

Using the Upsell feature can offer your guests additional services like room upgrade, early check-in, late check-out, breakfast, tours & activities and customize your own upsell.

You can easily accept online payments from your guests by credit card, which would be automatically transferred to your account.

Manage Upsell Item/s

Go to Upsell > Manage Upsell. Here you can edit and update your upsell item/s

Note: Make sure to switch ON “Status” toggle to sell your Upsell items to guests.

Create Upsell Item/s

Go to Upsell > Create Upsell. Here you can create or add a new upsell item/s.

View Orders

Go to Upsell > View Orders. Here you can see a list of all booked Upsell Items.


Offer upsell that requires your approval. Go to Upsell > Requests and Accept or decline upsell purchase requests based on your availability.

When creating/editing an Upsell, select Approval required

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