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Go to Upsell menu to Manage & Create Upsell, View Orders and Requests

Using the Upsell feature can offer your guests additional services like room upgrade, early check-in, late check-out, breakfast, tours & activities and customize your own upsell.

You can easily accept online payments from your guests by credit card, which would be automatically transferred to your account.

Manage Upsell Item/s

Go to Upsell > Manage Upsell. Here you can edit and update your upsell item/s

Note: Make sure to switch ON β€œStatus” toggle to sell your Upsell items to guests.

Create Upsell Item/s

Go to Upsell > Create Upsell. Here you can create or add a new upsell item/s.

Currency Setting

You might notice that you are unable to select the correct currency for your upsells when creating the upsell, and can only select $ or %. The dollar sign is just a symbol to select if you want to collect exact amount for the upsell. Once guests purchased the upsell, the currency used will be the currency of the property. Just set your price and it will take the currency of the property.

View Orders

Go to Upsell > View Orders. Here you can see a list of all booked Upsell Items.


Offer upsell that requires your approval. Go to Upsell > Requests and Accept or decline upsell purchase requests based on your availability.

When creating/editing an Upsell, select Approval required

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