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How to collect city tax & fees using Upsell
How to collect city tax & fees using Upsell
Written by Harbrinder Singh
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You can collect city or tourism tax from your guests. Guests will be prompted to pay this fee while completing their online check-in.

The Guest Experience During Online Check-in

Customization By Booking Source

You can further customize who should be prompted to pay this tax based on the booking source. For example, if you configure to tourism tax only for reservations, only guests who booked through will be prompted to complete this payment while completing their online check-in.

Customization By Property

If you have multiple properties, you can select the properties it applies for

Calculation of Tax

You can configure how much tourism tax to collect based on number of guests, adults & length of stay.

How To Collect Tourist Tax

  1. Go to Upsell > Create Upsell

2. Select city tax template

3. Customize as needed

4. Be sure to make it mandatory

5. Further customize based on booking source & property

6. Save & publish

There are many advance filters attached with upsell, which you can use to ask for city tax only from specific type of bookings eg. Only Airbnb Guests.

Note: Turn on mandatory button ON if you want to restrict guests completing online check-in without paying for Upsell.

Currency Setting

Please note that the currency used for the upsell will be the same currency as the property. You might notice that you are unable to select currency for your upsells on the dropdown when creating the upsell, and can only select $ or %. The dollar sign is just a symbol.

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