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Payfast <> ChargeAutomation
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We are happy to announce that ChargeAutomation is integrated with Payfast!

Setting up your ChargeAutomation account with Payfast

  1. Login to your Payfast account

  2. On your dashboard, take note of your Merchant ID and Merchant Key

  3. On the Left Navigation, please click on Settings and then Developer Settings

  4. Enter a Security Passphrase and Click Save

    1. IMPORTANT NOTE: kindly refrain from using special characters (such as /, ~, !, @, #, $, etc.) when setting or updating your passphrase. Instead, use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers only

  5. Now go to Settings >> Recurring Billing and enter do the following steps

    1. Toggle "Enable Tokenization" to "Enabled On"

    2. Click on Save

    3. If it is not saving correctly and the values are not updating, please contact Payfast to request for assistance

Next Steps within ChargeAutomation

  1. Login to your ChargeAutomation account here

  2. Go to Settings >> Gateway Connection and select "Payfast" from the dropdown

  3. Fill out the form with details from previous steps

Important Notes about Payfast:

  • Payfast does not support authorizations. It only supports charges. So for security deposits, it is processed as a charge and then when it's to be released it's handled as a refund

  • Refunds can take up to 7 to 10 business days

  • The refund will come directly out of your PayFast wallet, so refunds can only be processed if you have sufficient funds available.

  • For more details about refunds please click here

  • Contact Payfast and ask them to set up (i.e. whitelist) your account for us to retrieve masked card details along with the expiry date.

  • Due to the requirements of Payfast and some issuing banks, ChargeAutomation might do a 5 Rand authorization when guests enter their cards to increase the rate of successful transactions.

  • If transactions are failing, please ensure that the merchant's email address on Payfast is different from the email address being used to process the transaction in ChargeAutomation.

We have 24/7 support. Please be sure to use the chat and someone will attend to your question.

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