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Elavon Converge Pay <> ChargeAutomation
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Step 1 - Log in to

Step 2 - In the top right corner click the “Settings” drop-down and select “Gateway Connection”

Step 3 - Select "ElavonConvergePay" for Payment Gateway

Step 4 - Enter your credentials


  • SSL Merchant ID: Merchant ID

    • Elavon-assigned Converge Account ID (AID).

  • SSL User ID: Converge user ID

    • The user ID with Hosted Payment API user status that can send transaction requests through the terminal.

  • SSL PIN: Terminal ID

    • Unique identifier of the terminal that will process the transaction request and submit to the Converge gateway.
      The ssl_user_id sending the transaction request must be associated with the terminal that will process the request.

Step 5 - Click the "Continue" button once all fields have been filled out correctly


1) To successful use Elavon Converge with ChargeAutomation, please contact your account executive at Elavon and request to have the below IPs whitelisted




2) You must also request to switch on the Enabled HTTPS Transaction option to be able to submit transactions from an integrated application.

We have 24/7 support. Please be sure to use the chat and someone will attend to your question.

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