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WorldPayWPG <> ChargeAutomation

Connect your WorldPayWPG account with ChargeAutomation

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Step 1 - Log in to

Step 2 - In the top right corner click the “Settings” drop-down and select “Gateway Connection”

Step 3 - Select "WorldPayWPG " for Payment Gateway

Step 4 - Enter your credentials.


Where do you find Merchant code, XMLAPI Username and XML password?

1. Login to your Worldpay account.

2. After successfully logged in to your account at Business manager page, choose the first option "M1 " in Merchant Code drop-down section and then click "Proceed" button.

3. Click Setup on the left-hand side menu. and then click Installations on the top menu. There you can locate the Merchant code, XMLAPI username and the XML password. Please check the screenshots below.

Note: Your Merchant code is your XMLAPI username.

4. On the same Installations page Enable/Check the start trading option . After that you will drag downward at "Your website URL for activation" section.

On "Your website URL for activation" section set the fields same as below. after setup the fields then click the "save changes" button. further Please check the screenshots below.

Your website URL for activation

Confirmation that website your URL is correct


Please advise us how to carry out a test transaction on your site

Please tick to confirm that your website is complaint with our Website rules


Step 5 - Paste copied Merchant code, XMLAPI username and the XML password in Payment Gateway page in ChargeAutomation and Click the "Continue" button for successful integration.

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