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PayPal Payments Pro <> ChargeAutomation

Connect your PayPal Payments Pro account with ChargeAutomation

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PayPal Payments Pro <> PayFlow Gateway

To use PayPal Payments Pro in ChargeAutomation, you will have to also use Payflow Gateway

Payflow Gateway is PayPal's secure and open payment gateway. Using Payflow Gateway, merchants can process debit and credit card payments, PayPal, PayPal Credit®, authorizations, captures, and credit voids.

PayPal Payments Pro internally utilizes Payflow Gateway, providing the same features.

To sign up for Payflow Gateway, the best approach will be to contact PayPal support at 866 745 4036.

Using PayPal as Your Processor

On the call please inform their support you want PayPal to become your processor and you want to set up your Payflow Gateway account.

Using Other Processors

To use other Processors, you will need to create an account with the processor first and then select that in one of the links below that matches your region:
USA: Sign up Link
Canada: Sign up Link
Australia: Sign up Link
New Zealand: Sign up Link

To login in with your Paypal account or Payflow account: Link here

ChargeAutomation <> PayPal Payments Pro

Step 1 - Log in to

Step 2 - In the top right corner click the “Settings” drop-down and select “Gateway Connection”

Step 3 - Select "PayPalPaymentsPro" for Payment Gateway

Step 4 - Enter your credentials


  • Username: Your user ID for the Payflow Pro account. You can create this in the PayPal manager interface.

  • Password: The password that you specified when you got the Payflow account.

  • Vendor: The ID that you specified when you got the Payflow account (same as USER), which is the merchant login ID for the account.

  • Partner: Your PayPal partner ID. you can obtain this from PayPal when you sign up for Payflow Pro.

Extremely Important:

Payflow utilizes IP Whitelisting for security purposes. To proceed with seamless transactions in ChargeAutomation, kindly contact Payflow to whitelist the following IPs on your account:

Step 5 - Click the "Continue" button once all fields have been filled out correctly

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