When a booking is received via, ChargeAutomation will attempt to charge or pre-authorize the guest credit card (based on your policy). Let's assume your policy is set to charge 100% of the reservation amount immediately after booking.  

When payment fails:

  1. ChargeAutomation instantly mark credit card invalid on
  2. Guest will receive payment failed email with “Pay Now” link.
  3. If payment is not received within 24-hours (or 2 hours for last minute booking), you receive “Cancel Now Commission Free” email.
  4. Booking color, status and flag can be changed (optional setting).

Important Rules ChargeAutomation follows:

Guests are given 24 hours to provide new credit card details once the card is marked as invalid. 

Guests will receive an email with a link to add a valid credit card.

If the guest provides new credit card details within 24 hours but you are still unable to collect payment, guests will continue to receive an email with a link until a valid card is provided.

For bookings made within 48 hours of check-in:

If the card is invalid, the customer will get 12 hours (or until 3 pm, whichever is earlier) to update credit card details (instead of the usual 24 hours). 

The guest is always given at least 2 hours to update credit card details, i.e. if the booking is made after 2 pm on the day of arrival.


Reservations are cancellable if:

The reservation has been marked as Invalid Credit Card AND the time has expired because the guest has not provided new credit card details. Hosts will receive a cancellation email with a link to cancel the booking. This will automatically cancel the reservation in and your PMS/Channel manager commission free.

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