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Why should you use ChargeAutomation with Stripe instead of using Stripe alone?
Why should you use ChargeAutomation with Stripe instead of using Stripe alone?
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Using ChargeAutomation together with your Stripe or Payment Gateway instead of using only your Payment gateway will let you manage your bookings and business efficiently and effortlessly for these reasons below:

  1. Save time and effort. Let us do the works for you

    Typically instead of logging in manually to your Stripe account and creating links one by one and not to mention sending these requests for every booking is very tedious and will eat too much of your time. With the help of ChargeAutomation, we will handle automatic collection of reservation payments and automatic authorizations and release of your security or damage deposits.


  2. Best value at the most competitive price

    Use ChargeAutomation for FREE or upgrade to one of our powerful professional plans. Choose the right ChargeAutomation for your business, no matter how small or large. View pricing details here. You'll then be able to allot your time to more meaningful events instead of you exhausting yourself and doing all the work manually for every bookings you are receiving.

  3. Enhance Guest Experience with Smart Guest Portal & Guidebook

    With the use of ChargeAutomation's Smart Guest Portal & Guidebook, you'll have the ability to collect pre check in information like guest's arrival information and documents without the need to pay for another software that only does this feature alone. With ChargeAutomation, not only that you will able to collect payments but also able to satisfy your guests expectations by using our Guidebooks which can let them view the manuals of the property they have booked online anytime and without having to ask you now and then. You also won't worry having to reply to them as soon as possible as all manuals of the house can be available for them online using ChargeAutomation's Guidebooks feature.

  4. Earn extra effortlessly with Upsell

    Being able to offer upsells or add on services to your guests to generate extra income. For example, your guests can order any upsells you are offering anytime they want, and you would not need to be online all the time to reply and cater to their upsell orders and requests. They can do it anytime before their arrival and you'll effortlessly be able to generate more income per booking.

Charge Automation is a guest experience software that helps hotels & vacation rentals increase revenue, eliminate check-in queues, improve guest satisfaction, and maximize profits.

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