By enabling the Upsell by Charge Automation, you will be able to offer your guests additional services through the Charge Automation platform.

In the Upsell, you can easily accept online payments from your guests by credit cards, that would be automatically transferred to your to your account.

Set up and Add new Upsell Items

Up Sell is a great way to sell your additional offerings such as meal upgrades, paid parking, early check in/ late check out, excursions, etc 

Go to: Upsell > Manage Upsell> Add Upsell

Make sure to add all the information and click on “ Publish” toggle to sell your Upsell items to guests

Manage Upsell Items

Go to: Upsell> Manage Upsell to see all listed Items and to edit the Upsell items listed. 

View Upsell Orders

Go to: Upsell> View orders to see a list of all ready booked Upsell Items here.

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