1. What is Charge Automation?
Charge Automation is an automated Payment Processing System for Short Term Vacation Rental  Properties.

2. Will Charge Automation work with my Channel Manager?
Charge Automation is partnered with Booking Automation for its Channel Management Services. In order to use Charge Automation you must be using Booking Automation.

3. Does Charge Automation verify identification?
Charge Automation through Booking Automation can automatically Charge & Request for guests to verify their IDs to drastically reduce the amount of false bookings.

4. How much does this cost?
We charge a processing fee of 0.8% to 1.8% based on volume.  There are no setup fees, monthly fees or hidden fees.

5. How do I issue refunds?
Our platform allows you to issue full or partial refunds if necessary.

6. What happens to the payment information?
All data is encrypted and transferred securely following PCI Compliance. Rest assured that you and your guests information is handled with utmost importance.

7. Can you collect security deposits?
Currently we charge the guests credit card at time of booking; we are currently implementing delays & deposits. Stay tuned for more details.

8. How do I deal with a failed payment?
When a payment fails, a guest will receive an e-mail requesting payment information to be updated. If the information is not updated in 24 hours, the booking may be cancelled.

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