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How to capture security or damage deposits on Charge Automation
How to capture security or damage deposits on Charge Automation
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We have discussed the importance of collecting security deposits as a property host in the short-term rental market space.

In short, this is ultimately done to mitigate risk on the part of the host. Accidents and damages happen, and if a deposit has not been collected, you as the host will be on the hook financially to fund the fix.

If damage occurs while a guest is at your property, you will want to assess the damage to determine the repair cost.

Based on this assessment you may choose to capture all or part of the security deposit that is being held as authorization on their credit card. This article will walk you through how to capture the security deposit.

ChargeAutomation makes it easy to find the payment you are looking for. You can search the booking bookings page & search by name or booking number.

Select the payment once you’ve found it and select ‘Capture’, found at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

You will now have the option to collect the entire amount or a portion of the amount that has been authorized. Enter the amount you wish to collect and select ‘Capture’.

You have now successfully captured the security deposit. 

If you would like answers to other questions about the Security/Damage Deposit feature in ChargeAutomation, please visit our Security/Damage Deposit FAQ article.

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