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Cardstream <> ChargeAutomation
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Connect your Cardstream account to ChargeAutomation

To integrate Cardstream with our platform, you must follow the steps below

  1. You will need to get the below details directly from Cardstream

    1. Merchant ID

    2. Signature Key

  2. You will need to whitelist our IPs on Cardstream. To do that please follow the steps below:

    1. Login to Cardstream MMS (Merchant Management System)

    2. Under Direct Integration add the below IPs separated by semi colon ( ; ) in the Standard IP address and also Advanced IP Address fields


  3. On the top right corner click the “Settings” drop-down and select “Gateway Connection”

  4. Under Payment Gateway, select Cardstream and enter the values from above

    That's it! The next step will be to connect your PMS.

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