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eWAY <> ChargeAutomation

Connect your Eway account with ChargeAutomation

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Step 1 - Log in to

Step 2 - In the top right corner click the “Settings” drop-down and select “Gateway Connection”

Step 3 - Select "eWAY" for Payment Gateway

Step 4 - Enter your credentials


To quickly and easily create a API Key and Password, follow these steps.

Login to MYeWAY Account and hover the mouse to My Account tab located at the top of the page, then click API Key.

1 - API Key

Use the Copy to Clipboard button to copy your API Key.

2 - Password

To obtain the API password, click Generate Password. Be aware that the new password can only be viewed while you remain on the API Key page, and will be masked when returning to the page later. You can use the Copy To Clipboard button to copy the password.

Step 5 - Paste copied API Key and Password in Payment Gateway page in ChargeAutomation for successful integration.

Step 6 - Click the "Continue" button once all fields have been filled out correctly

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