Manually cancel a credit card authorization in ChargeAutomation
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ChargeAutomation makes the credit card authorization process automated and easy. There’s no manual intervention required on your part to collect or release funds; this is done seamlessly and automatically.

However, in the event you would like to release the hold applied to your guest’s credit card earlier than scheduled, you are able to process this manually in ChargeAutomation. Note, most guests are satisfied to know what date they can expect the funds to be released and don’t typically push for an early end to the authorization process.

To begin, select Bookings and locate the particular booking you are looking for. Take advantage of our filter options which allow you to search by name, booking number and date. Once you find the booking, expand to reveal additional details by selecting the downward arrow (located beneath the check-out date).

You will find each of the scheduled payments for that booking under Payment Schedule. Look for the Security Deposit Authorization and select the small downward arrow in the top right corner of that bucket.

Once you select the arrow, you will be presented with a list of actions that you are able to perform. In order to cancel the Security Deposit Authorization, select Void.

This authorization has now been voided and the hold that was placed on the funds are now in the process of being released back onto the guest’s credit card. You will notice that the status of the Security Deposit Authorization has been updated to Voided.

For answers to other questions about the Security/Damage Deposit feature in ChargeAutomation, visit our Security/Damage Deposit FAQ's article.

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