A. First, you need to Enable Document Collection.

1. Go to Settings > Online Check-in > Guest Experience.

2. Turn ON which documents or information you want to collect from your guests.

B. How Document Upload Appears to Guest

On Verification Tab, guest is asked to Upload Passport/Government ID.

Once Uploaded, your guest will see this page.

Then on Self Portrait Tab, guest is asked to take a selfie picture.

C. To View Submitted Documents by guests

There are 2 ways to do it:

1. On Bookings page, click on Documents button

2. Click on the 3 dots and select "Booking Details". You will see submitted documents in Documents tab.

D. How to Accept / Decline Submitted Document

When Accepting or Declining a submitted document, you need to click on Document Tab and click Accept Document or Decline.

E. What Happens If I Decline a Document

Your guest will receive an email "[Action Required] Document Rejected" with the content below:

To Modify an Email Template:

2: Choose Guest as Recipient, click the drop-down menu then look for Document Rejected. You can modify the email in content section.

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