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Worldline (IngenicoDirect) <> ChargeAutomation
Worldline (IngenicoDirect) <> ChargeAutomation
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Connect your Worldline (IngenicoDirect) account with ChargeAutomation

To integrate Worldline with our platform, you must follow the steps below

1. To get your credentials, Login to Worldline Back office

2. Go to Configuration > Technical information > API settings > Direct API Key

3. If you have not configured anything yet, the screen shows “No api credential found”. To create both API Key and API Secret click on “GENERATE”

The image shows the Back Office message "No api credential found"

4. The screen now shows both codes in the table in the “Key” / “Secret” column respectively

The image shows the information available in the "API settings" Back Office tab

5. Make sure to copy the Key and Secret right away, as it will not be visible in the Back Office anymore once you access this menu anew. However, you can look up the API Key anytime.

6. To get your Merchant ID, on the Back Office Home Page, please copy the PSPID or contact Worldline directly for your PSPID

7. Login to your Charge Automation account.

8. On the top right corner click the “Settings” drop-down and select “Gateway Connection”

9. Under Payment Gateway, select WorldLine (IngenicoDirect) and enter the values from above

That's it! The next step will be to connect your PMS.

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