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Adyen Gateway Guide

Written by Rowen D
Updated over a week ago

Services and Compatibility

Payment Gateway Company Name: Adyen
Services that work with ChargeAutomation: ✅Adyen
Supported operations: ✅Purchase, Authorize, Capture, Refund, Void, Verify, Store
Supported payment types: ✅Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay
3D Secure 1 Supported: ✅Yes
3D Secure 2 Supported: ✅Yes
Regions: ✅Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America
API endpoint URL:

Authentication and Security

Specific names for credentials: Merchant Account, Subdomain, Username, Password

Onboarding Merchants in:

  • Austria

  •  Australia

  •  Belgium

  •  Bulgaria

  •  Brazil

  •  Switzerland

  •  Cyprus

  •  Czech Republic

  •  Germany

  •  Denmark

  •  Estonia

  •  Spain

  •  Finland

  •  France

  •  United Kingdom

  •  Gibraltar

  •  Greece

  •  Hong Kong

  •  Hungary

  •  Ireland

  •  Iceland

  •  Italy

  •  Liechtenstein

  •  Lithuania

  •  Luxembourg

  •  Latvia

  •  Monaco

  •  Malta

  •  Mexico

  •  Netherlands

  •  Norway

  •  Poland

  •  Portugal

  •  Romania

  •  Sweden

  •  Singapore

  •  Slovakia

  •  Slovenia

  •  United States

Additional Notes

Adyen defaults to immediately capturing an authorize request, but this is customizeable to delayed or manual capture in your Adyen Merchant Account. Change your capture setting to manual if you intend to use authorize separately from captures.

If using Manual or Dynamic 3D Secure, your capture setting must be manual in order to use authorize or purchase requests. If you prefer to use immediate or delayed auto-capture, making an authorize request will complete in a capture.

For most gateways, a successful response from a capture or credit (refund) request indicates that the request to perform these actions has successfully been received by the gateway, not that the transaction has been successfully processed. At the card network level, these actions are queued up and performed in batches at certain intervals. If you would like to receive confirmation that the action has been successfully performed through the card network, you may set up notifications from Adyen by following the directions in the Adyen Customer Area.

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