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iATS Payments Gateway Guide

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Services and Compatibility

Payment Gateway Company Name: iATS Payments
Services that work with ChargeAutomation: ✅iATS Payments
Supported operations: ✅Purchase, Refund, Store
Unsupported operations: ❎Authorize, Capture, Void
Supported payment types: ✅Credit Card, Bank Account
3D Secure 1 Supported: ❎No
3D Secure 2 Supported: ❎No
Regions: Asia Pacific, Europe, North America
API endpoint URL: Multiple; contact [email protected] for more information

Authentication and Security

Specific names for credentials: Agent Code, Region, Password

Onboarding Merchants in:

  •  Australia

  •  Brazil

  •  Canada

  •  Switzerland

  •  Germany

  •  Denmark

  •  Spain

  •  Finland

  •  France

  •  Greece

  •  Hong Kong

  •  Ireland

  •  Italy

  •  Netherlands

  •  Norway

  •  Portugal

  •  Sweden

  •  Singapore

  •  Turkey

  •  United Kingdom

  •  United States

  •  Thailand

  •  Indonesia

  •  Philippines

  •  Belgium

Additional Notes

The region gateway field accepts a value of na (for North America) or uk (for merchants outside North America). This value dictates which iATS URL and, thus, which data center is used. Choose the value which gives the applicable merchant the greatest geographic locality.

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