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MASTERCARD Payment Gateway Service (formerly MiGS)
MASTERCARD Payment Gateway Service (formerly MiGS)

MasterCard Payment Gateway Service (formerly MiGS) Gateway Guide

Written by Rowen D
Updated over a week ago

Services and Compatibility

Payment Gateway Company Name: MasterCard
Services that work with ChargeAutomation: ✅MasterCard
Supported operations: ✅Purchase, Authorize, Capture, Refund, Void, Verify
Supported payment types: ✅Credit Card
3D Secure 1 Supported: ❎No
3D Secure 2 Supported: ❎No
Regions: ✅Asia Pacific, Middle East
API endpoint URL:

Authentication and Security

Specific names for credentials: AMA User, Merchant ID, Access Code, AMA User Password

Onboarding Merchants in:

  •  Australia

  •  United Arab Emirates

  •  Bangladesh

  •  Brunei Darussalam

  •  Egypt

  •  Hong Kong

  •  Indonesia

  •  Jordan

  •  Kuwait

  •  Lebanon

  •  Sri Lanka

  •  Mauritius

  •  Maldives

  •  Malaysia

  •  New Zealand

  •  Oman

  •  Philippines

  •  Qatar

  •  Saudi Arabia

  •  Singapore

  •  Trinidad and Tobago

  •  Viet Nam

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