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WePay Gateway Guide

Written by Rowen D
Updated over a week ago

Services and Compatibility

Payment Gateway Company Name: WePay, Inc.
Services that work with ChargeAutomation: ✅WePay API versions from 2016-12-06 to 2017-05-31
Supported operations: ✅Purchase, Authorize, Capture, Refund, Void, Store
Supported payment types: ✅Credit Card
3D Secure 1 Supported: ❎No
3D Secure 2 Supported: ❎No
Regions: ✅North America
API endpoint URL:

Authentication and Security

Specific names for credentials: Account ID, Client Number, Access Token, Client Secret

Additional steps needed to activate? Yes, additional steps must be taken to support recurring transactions. (See notes)

Onboarding Merchants in:

  • United States

  •  Canada

Additional Notes

WePay is unable to support direct merchants. If you represent a platform that has buyers and sellers, please sign up as a platform at to obtain your credentials. If you are a merchant yourself, please find a platform to support your business that supports WePay.

If you plan to process recurring transactions between ChargeAutomation and WePay, you may need to contact WePay to have them enable your account.

Due to the fact that WePay’s system restricts transaction compatibility to the version set in your WePay account’s Dashboard, and new WePay merchant accounts cannot be set to older versions, ChargeAutomation cannot assume a single version for all of our customers. Therefore, we do not explicitly specify which version of WePay’s API our transactions conform to. This means that WePay assumes that we are using the version that is set in your WePay account Dashboard. Therefore:

  • When you create an account with WePay, please contact us to verify that we support the version your account is locked to. We will do our best to ensure that our system is compatible with newly released versions.

  • You are encouraged to update the version set in your Dashboard as we continue to ensure compatiblity with the newest version.

  • For more information, see WePay’s API versions page.

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